The degenerative osteoarthritis is the most common of the diseases of the joints.

It happens with more frequency in persons of middle ages and elderly, affecting mostly the neck, the lumbar region, knees, hips and joints of the fingers. The patients with degenerative arthritis suffer pain and functional deterioration.


The degenerative osteoarthritis happens when the cartilage which covers the joint degenerates. The reasons of deterioration of the cartilage are multiple. Joints that have been damaged before or have been submitted to excessive use, infection or a previous rheumatic disease is more likely to suffer this degeneration. We know that some types of degenerative osteoarthritis are hereditary, included the form most common that causes deformity of the knuckles.


Though it is a question of a chronic disease, the symptoms can be diminished in great part following a suitable treatment. Apart from the pharmacological treatment, other beneficial therapies exist.

In the field of the physical therapy, exercises are used to restore the normal mobility of the joints and improving the muscular, limiting this way the stiffness and pain.