The tendinitis is the inflammation of the tendon. The tendons are the part of the muscles inserted to the bones. Their function is to transmit the force generated by the muscular contraction for the movement of the bones.

The Bursitis is the inflammation of the "bursa", which are small bags situated between the bone and other mobile structures as the muscles, the skin or the tendons and they facilitate a smooth scrolling of these structures.

Both the tendons and the bags are located near the joints, therefore the inflammation of these structures is perceived by the patients as pain in the joint and can be deceitfully interpreted as arthritis.

The symptoms of bursitis and tendinitis are similar: Pain and lack of flexibility that worsen with movement. The pain can be worse during the night and can be accompanied by local swelling.

The most common cause of tendinitis and bursitis is the damage of these structures during repetitive movements at work or doing sports.