The chromotherapy is a technique that uses colors to treat injuries.

The colors work each in a different way: they calm, stimulate and balance. Therefore, they can be used as an effective method to treat different injuries.

The monochromatic light is capable of producing certain changes in the human biosystem, especially if it is applied on acupuncture points, points of auriculotherapy, microsystems, etc. It serves to calm pain, release muscle contractions and energetic blockings, improve blood irrigation, stimulate metabolism and cell communication, activates the lymphatic flow, regulates arterial tension, etc.

Each color gives a different frequency, so it will cause a different effect in the human body. Besides, the use of complementary colors, a color with it´s contrary color, like for example, green-red, in one single treatment has given very good results.

It seems that the change of color causes an augment in the cell activity and the activation of energetic processes.