A form of thermotherapy is the application of infrared light. It is a type of electromagnetic and thermic radiation of mayor length of waves than the visible light, but less than the microwaves.

The heat that irradiates from the lamp produces a dilatation of the blood vessels and as a consequence the increase of the blood flow in that area. This light can pass the skin layer up to 3 centimeters and therefore it acts directly on the muscles, arteries and veins. These immediate effects permit at the same time the more rapid absorption of crèmes with calming effect.

The most important benefits are:

  • Diminishes the pain: this is the most known benefit. Here the infrared light acts very efficiently and gives immediate results. It is highly recommendable in treatment of back, muscular tension, arthrosis and sport injuries, because it stimulates the liberation of endorphins. 
  • Improves the blood circulation: the infrared light helps to stimulate the blood vessels until they dilate and that gives an important improvement of the blood flow, which allows a more fluid circulation and a decrease of the risk of blood clots. 
  • Reduces chronic fatigue: the infrared heat helps to improve the circulation and the cell oxygenation. It eliminates heavy metals from our body and makes us feel more vitality. All of this helps to improve the state of mind. 
  • Helps to lose fat tissue and toxic waste: thanks to the stimulation of the cell metabolism contributes to the regeneration of the body and eliminates fat and lactic acids which stay in our body after consuming certain food.
  • Eliminates excess of dead skin cells: with this type of treatment, the skin will regenerate the damaged skin and it eliminates the excess of dead skin cells. This also affects infections like acne, because it eliminates the bacteria of the pores of the skin. 
  • Benefits for the heart: the circulation and fluidness of the blood improve after the application of infrared heat, which permits a correct pumping of the heart and the heart doesn´t need to realize an overexertion.