A bath of paraffin relaxes the muscles, aliviates spasms and contractures, aswell as it softens dry skin, it also give an improvement to de joints in case of artritis. It is the method of superficial thermotherapy selected for the treatment of reumatism and traumas of hands and feet. 

The therapeutic agent of the bath is the heat, therefore to be useful the substance needs to acquire a temperatura of 50-54 degrees Celsius. The caloric power of the paraffin bath is six times superior to the of the wáter and the obtained pain relieve is superior and longer lasting.

The first step is introducing de hand in the container with the paraffin at that temperatura during a few seconds, in between three to six times, and after that take the hand out and wait for 15 to 20 minutes, untill the paraffin gets cold and forms a solid layer.