The rheumatism is the common name given to those complications of inflammatory nature in the joints. Mainly it gives pains in the wrists, fingers and back, but can affect all joints. It is a very extended disease since it can affect anybody from children up to housewives and businessmen, since the constant activity that is carried out every day is the principal causative factor of this painful evil.

The rheumatism can be caused by several motives inside which the constant activity (already mentioned), the repetitive movements, the lack of exercises and even the cold, are the major causers of the above mentioned evil, since it is well known that the joints are the parts of the body most sensitive to this type of factors.

Inside the principal symptoms that the rheumatism presents one finds the already mentioned pain in the joints.

Nevertheless, other common symptoms exist as the pain caused by some type of movement, sensation of numbness of the affected part and up to immobility and lack of strength, which can demonstrate the existence of diverse types of rheumatism.

The already above mentioned symptoms can get worse due to other factors as stress and the cold, which turns this suffering into the very easily identifiable one.